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I live in New Jersey and was referred to Dr. Torres by a close friend in Queens who insisted she is the best. My dentist in New Jersey could not anesthetize a tooth to replace a crown that was improperly fitted by another dentist that had retired. He made me wait over eight months and still couldn’t anesthetize the tooth.
Dr. Torres not only anesthetized my tooth on my first visit, out of all the crowns I have the one she fitted feels as good as my natural teeth. Dr. Torres takes the time to explain the procedures so you have less anxiety.
She and her staff are extremely courteous and caring which makes a visit to my least favorite destination more than comfortable.
Dr. Torres elevates professionalism and integrity to a whole new level. I’m recommending her to all my friends in NJ… It’s worth the trip!


Hillsborough Township, NJ

I have been a patient under the care of Dr. Torres for as long as I can remember. She has certainly proven that she is a successful dentist, because of her great personality, professionalism, and the yearning to learn more to help diagnose and solve several dental problems, such as TMJ treatments. She is not only someone that you can be acquainted with, but you can also find her as a friend that you can trust and rely on when in her hands; of dental care.
Dr. Torres offers a great option for those who have no insurance coverage, and most of the treatments are more affordable than others. She is also someone that cares for you and your treatment and wants you to feel as comfortable as possible with your teeth and the comfort of your face.
Another great aspect is that she is conveniently located in the heart of Queens, with a wide variety of public transportation that is very near to her offices. She hires a great staff, and most importantly, the team she is with is very friendly and hospitable. She also offers more comfort to those that just speak Spanish.


Flushing, NY

I started seeing Dr. Torres late last year (2012) for my TMJ problems. I’m now in the midst of a 2-year treatment. I love this dentist and her staff. They are always courteous and they always explain the tests and treatments that I’m getting. I now have a plate in the bottom of my mouth that prevents my lower teeth and upper teeth from touching. I have to wear it for 8 months at least. It was so uncomfortable in the beginning but Dr. Torres had me come in a few times to work on it until it no longer hurt. I can’t believe it but I don’t even notice it now. What I also love about Dr. Torres is that she also gave me exercises to do for my jaw as well as recommendations on how to sleep and how my pillow should be. I love when doctors give you things that you can do and not just treatment. It’s kind of a holistic approach. I, too, read the comments by “Terry J” and I just don’t believe that Dr. Torres or her staff is to blame. Of the MANY MANY times I have been to her office nothing even remotely close to the unprofessionalism that this person describes was ever witnessed there. I am so happy to have found such a great dentist and TMJ specialist. By the way, a doctor of mine recommended her because he goes to her.


Long Island City, NY


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