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“ In Torres Dental Group, we carefully study the structure of muscles, jaw joints, and the upper airway to better understand the cause of outer alignment teeth.“

The way that your upper and lower teeth come together (called bite or occlusion) is part of a system of teeth, muscles, and joints. If your teeth do not fit properly (malocclusion) the muscles and joints accommodate to compensate and work to get them together. This condition leads to muscles spasms, jaw joint (TMJ) pain, various painful conditions and most important a compromise of the airway.

TORRES DENTAL GROUP during Orthodontic/ Orthopedic treatments, considers the entire system that controls the positioning and function of the jaw and treat each individual case seeking to establish a jaw position that allows sufficient space to the airway, based on a harmonious relationship of the three main factors affecting occlusion (teeth, muscles and jaw joints)

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You may need Orthodontic/ Orthopedic treatment if:

^ Have a "bad bite" referred to as malocclusion.
^ Teeth are spacing, protruded, crowded and/or crooked
^ The jaws may not meet properly.
^ Malocclusion may be present even though teeth may appear straight.
^ Have a previous TMJ treatment

We offer a full range of Orthodontic services, including:

^ Braces for adults, teens, and children.
^ Palatal expansion / Jaw expansion Appliances.
^ Volumetric orthodontics.
^ Myofuctional orthodontics

In Torres Dental Group, we employ advanced treatments and diagnostic tools in oral pathology, craniofacial pain and related sleep disorders. If you need a consultation or have questions call us at (718) 899-3840.