"I live in New Jersey and was referred to Dr. Torres by a close friend in Queens who insisted she is the best. My dentist in New Jersey could not anesthetize a tooth to replace a crown that was improperly fitted by another dentist that had retired. He made me wait over eight months and still couldn't anesthetize the tooth.

Dr. Torres not only anesthetized my tooth on my first visit , out of all the crowns I have the one she fitted feels as good as my natural teeth.
Dr. Torres takes the time to explain the procedures so you have less anxiety.
She and her staff are extremely courteous and caring which makes a visit to my least favorite destination more than comfortable.
Dr. Torres elevates professionalism and integrity to a whole new level. I'm recommending her to all my friends in NJ..... It's worth the trip!"

Thomas C., Hillsborough Township, NJ

"I had being Dr Torres's patient for over a decade, and since I started going to her office I felt right at home, her professionalism and dedication to her patients conquered my fears and distrust in dentists. Moreover, since my first visits I noticed a unique and nowdays"rare" genuine interes in the human being that all we patients are, that sadly many doctors overlook because of their goal of making money as much as they can out of their profession. I can say that us, Dr. Torres patients are very fortunate to have an honest, compassionate, and well experienced dentist. In conclusion I blindly recommend not only Dr. Torres but her friendly and warm staff, and her fair fees"


"I have been a patient of Dr. Torres since 1994, and I haven't switched dentists since. Dr. Torres is truly an admirable dentist. She is a professional and takes pride in what she does. She is a skilled artisan in every sense. Her work is flawless and impeccable not just to the eye, but to the overall feel and comfort. In my opinion--her strongest skill is in cosmetic dentistry. Up until recent, she has further expanded her trade and is one of the leading group of doctors in providing treatments for TMJ disorders. I am 26--and I've lived with headaches for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed as a migraine sufferer, and often the pain was so terrible, it began to interfere with work. It is true when they say that when the head hurts--the entire body suffers along. I had to learn how to manage my pain, identify triggers and do what I could to prevent them. Doctor Torres suggested that perhaps my headaches came from one or more TMJ disorders. I knew this field is relatively new and the treatments weren't recognized by insurances. And this is where Doctor Torres went above and beyond not just for myself, but for others as well--She worked with me and my situation. She is understanding of circumstances and genuinely believes that finances should never be an obstacle to getting the care you need. She is a professional that cares. It's been three months since I've been getting treatment, and I've noticed my symptoms improved dramatically. The headaches nearly have disappeared. I am grateful she was able to identify the problems my doctors have overlooked--to which they just prescribed drugs and pain management techniques. I recommend her without reserve to anyone looking for a dentist. You won't be disappointed."


"Dr. Maria Claudia Torres, Thank you to you and your staff for your services and for creating my stunning smile!"